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ICAB the calculation of the metal structures and frames 
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ICAB the calculation of the metal structures and frames  
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Icab CM

The application of the rules of calculation of the Steel Constructions and Frames

optimization ICAB CM+

collection of shaped ICAB Bibliothèque/CM

Steel Constructions or Frames

Module ICAB CM contains functionalities which are added to the module of calculation ICAB Force. The additional results obtained are:

. bending, shear, tensile stresses.
. failure criteria. steel construction - PRS

Failure analysis for steel constructions

ICAB Force/CM calculates the rules of calculation of steel constructions CM66. The criteria relate to: rules DTU

. constraints in traction/compression,
. shear stresses,
. plasticization according to Von Mises,
. buckling by simple compression,
. warping,
. warping,

Criteria for timber constructions

ICAB Force/CM checks the technical rules of the wooden carpentries CB71. The calculated criteria relate to:

. axial stresses of traction/compression and inflection,
. buckling by compression with effect of the pure or deviated bending,
. the criterion of rupture according to Tsai-Wu. This complete criterion takes into account working stresses of shearing and variable axial stresses according to the direction and of the direction (traction/compression). This criterion makes it possible to check formed structures of orthotropic materials.

Charpente pin - verification CB71

Icab CM+ Optimization

ICAB Force/CM+ makes it possible to optimize the sections used in a steel construction. You obtain the least expensive structure which is in conformity with the technical schedule of conditions.

You do not have thus to worry you initial dimensioning: after optimization, your structure will be most economic while being technically reliable.

The research of the best sections is obtained starting from a library of sections of beams standards. You can also create and modify your own library.


ICAB Force/CM and ICAB Force/CM+ are functions which supplement ICAB Force.


Icab Library/CM

Library includes:

standardized sections AFNOR IPE, IPN, HEA, HEB, HEM, UAP, UPN, circular angles, t-pieces, squares, rounds, square and rectangular hollow tubes,
preferential series PRS, plates, squares
materials (steel, stainless, wood, aluminium, concrete according to CM66, Eurocode3; AL71; CB71, Eurocode5; BAEL91, Eurocode2)
utility of calculation of section (tubes, rounds, rectangles, I, H, L, T, U, Z, bracket)

approximately 1000 entries.


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